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BTE Hearing Aids
  • BTE Hearing Aids

BTE Hearing Aids
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BTE Hearing Aids
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  • Model: BTE
  • Dimensions: 53.00mm x 44.00mm x 10.00mm

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BTE Hearing Aids

  • Item Type: Ear Care
  • Material: copper and rubber
  • Size: 53mm*44mm*10mm
  • Name: Hearing aid
  • Type: BTE type
  • Level (SPL): 133±4dB
  • Battery type: AG13 or A675
  • Usage: Hearing Amplifier
  • Weight: 15g (excluding battery).

BTE Hearing Aids Features

  • All digital signal processing chip
  • Deluxe packing, Imported USA chip, 
  • built-in earplug, Super fidelity, low noise. 
  • The microphone noise suppression, anti-reaction, 
  • Reinforced moistureproof type designing. 
  • Good Sound Quality.

BTE Hearing Aids Measurements

  • Technical Data:
  • Level (SPL): 133±4dB
  • THD (total harmonic distortion):
  • f<1000Hz≤15%
  • f≥1000Hz≤10%
  • Maximum acoustic gain(1600Hz): 44±5dB
  • EIN: ≤30dB
  • Coil sensitivity: ≥94dB
  • FR: 200 to 3500Hz
  • Working current: ≤6mA
  • Voltage: 1.5V
  • Operation condition: 5C to 40CBTE

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